Children’s features - Darren

Darren is eleven years of age. He likes sport and playing on his bike.

Like most children he likes company and to be the centre of your attention.

Family History

Darren has lived with a variety of his relatives from the age of about six. He has known many changes in his life and has lived in various parts of the country.

Darren has a brother who was adopted several years ago and contact between them takes place twice a year. This contact will continue after Darren’s adoption. Darren has no contact with his parents but it is intended that they shall correspond with one another on birthdays and Christmas.

Darrens History

Darren has been placed with short-term foster carers, where he remains to this day. Prior to this time Darren has stayed with five different relatives over the past four and a half years. Darren has not been in contact with either of his parents for a number of years now and both support our efforts to place him with adopters.

Very Recent History

Darren has difficulties making relationships with adults and in new situations lacks confidence. He has tested his carers commitment to him on many occasions and at times he almost seems to invite rejection.


Darren is quite an intelligent child who excels in maths and english. He loves reading.

Likes and Dislikes

SPORT: Darren likes all sport but particularly football and he supports a premier league club.

FOOD: Darren has a good appetite.


FAVOURITE TV: Sports and action films

MOST DISLIKED ACTIVITIES: “Going to school and getting up early.”


What Darren’s foster carers say

Of all the children we have looked after Darren has been the slowest to settle in. The nomadic lifestyle that he has experienced over the last few years has had a profound effect upon him. Even after three months here he still keeps some of his possessions in his suitcase.

Darren can be a rather obstinate child and he can also be very independent for his age. He also has a sense of fun and can be very good company. He is a little dismissive of women but I think this is getting better now.