Children’s features - Justin and James

Justin and James are both very keen on sport. In fact Justin is so talented at football that everyone says he might even have a future career in the sport.

James is just as athletic and his determination to be even better than his brother at everything can cause some friction between them.

Justin is usually a rather quiet boy but his brother is totally opposite.

Family History

Justin and James have been known to social services for some time now. They both lived with their mother who has suffered from poor mental health throughout most of their lives. A decision was made to place them with foster carers with frequent visits to the family home which worked with a small degree of success but as their mothers mental health has deteriorated it became clear that this would not work out over the long term. The boys over the last year or so have had very little contact with their mother.

Justin and James have had no contact with their father since James was about three and his whereabouts are not known. They have no contact with any members of their extended family.

Recent History

Justin and James have been placed with two foster carers for the last eighteen months. Both of these placements were short term and the decision for them to be adopted has been made quite recently.


Justin is described by his teachers as very bright and expected to continue to do well at school. He is a well liked pupil and is keen on football and badminton

James finds school enjoyable and teachers think that he is making good progress.

Likes and Dislikes

SPORT: Justin likes football. James likes and takes part in all kinds of sport.

FOOD: Justin and James both eat well. James suffers from a number of food allergies.

FAVOURITE POP STARS: “Both like the Spice Girls, Pulp and Oasis.”

What Justin and James current foster carers say

“Justin and James have been with us for just over five months now and at first it was a lot of hard work to get them settled into a routine. They are so very full of energy and are on the go all the time.

Justin tends to be the quiet one. James on the other hand is no shrinking violet. He is always loud and you always seem to know where he is and what he is up to.

James tries to compete with Justin and can get very frustrated. His temper tantrums are often borne out of this frustration. Planning his diet is a major issue as so much convenience food contains things that he is allergic to. My food shopping now takes me almost twice as long to do.”