Children’s features - Mark and Katy

Mark is a happy and inquisitive boy with a good sense of humour and a cheeky smile. He finds meeting new people a bit daunting but he has a friendly disposition.

Katy is a lively, outgoing and affectionate child. She used to be very dependent upon her elder brother but is now much more self-confident.

Family History

The family first became known to Social Services after the death of Mark and Katy’s father which occurred a few months before Katy was born. Their mother had her own difficulties so their elder sister, who was still quite young herself, provided much of their care. Mark and Katy suffered neglect when they were living with their birth family.

They have two younger half-siblings who have recently been placed together with an adoptive family.

Recent History

Mark and Katy have been with the same foster carers for the past sixteen months and they have formed a strong attachment to them. They have had monthly contact with their brother and sisters and limited contact with their mother. It is envisaged that they will continue to have face to face contact three times a year with their younger brother and sister. They will also be able to write and receive mail through their social worker from their elder sister and birth mother when they are placed with an adoptive family.


Before coming into the care of the local authority Mark had missed almost half his schooling. He has had a lot to catch up and continues to be on the Special Needs Register. He is making rapid progress now especially with his number work.

Before coming into the care of the local authority Katy had not attended Nursery. She is now completing a year in the reception class at school. She has had one to one support to help her with her indistinct speech. It is envisaged that she will continue to need lots of support in the future but that she can manage mainstream schooling.

Likes and Dislikes

Mark Likes: Swimming and athletics but no other sports. He enjoys games on the climbing frame, holidays at the seaside and construction toys. He plays well independently. He likes all food apart from broccoli and cauliflower.

Katy: Loves her dolls and her bike and helping around the home. She is keen on drawing and playing with playdough. She likes most foods and has a sweet tooth.

What Mark and Katy’s foster carers say

“Mark and Katy have been with us for sixteen months now. When they first arrived they were very frightened and nervous. Katy didn’t speak and Mark was very protective of her. They had no routines but when they were introduced to them they responded well. Katy now feels very secure and settled which means that she lets you know what she wants and she may be stubborn if she doesn’t get it. Katy’s speech has improved and she loves going to school where she has two special friends. Mark is making very good progress at school. Looking after Mark and Katy is hard work but they are affectionate and responsive. Both have good appetites and sleep well. They are friendly and get on well with other children.”

What Mark and Katy’s social worker is looking for in an adoptive family

Mark and Katy currently live in the south east of England as do their younger siblings. Ideally an adoptive family would come from the same area but we are prepared to consider those who live in other parts of the country. We are looking for an individual or couple to care for them. We want to find potential parents who can understand how Mark and Katy’s past affects them now and provide them with an ordinary family life.