Children’s features - Nadia

Nadia is a friendly happy-go-lucky eight year old who is doing quite well at school despite her learning difficulties.

She likes animals and is often very good company although she can “talk and talk and talk, and then talk some more”.

Family History

Nadia’s father is Burmese but left the UK shortly before she was born. He has never had any contact with Nadia. Nadia’s mother is white European and has recently settled abroad. Nadia was looked after from birth by her maternal grandmother but her health has deteriorated to the point where she will never be in a position to continue to care for her. Nadia has no contact with any other members of her family.

Recent History

Nadia has been placed with short-term foster carers for only a few months and there is much we need to get to know about her. Her grandmother is unable to tell us much about Nadia’s life due to her illness.


Nadia is described by her teachers as a very helpful and co-operative child who has significant learning difficulties. For example, her current reading age is very low and she can only recognise a very few number of words. Nadia enjoys all her lessons, particularly art and she is a well liked pupil.

Likes and Dislikes

SPORT: Nadia shows no interest in any sport at the moment.

FOOD: Nadia is not a fussy eater but she does not like baked beans.

FAVOURITE POP STARS: “ I like Elvis Presley, I like the Spice Girls as well”

NADIA’S FAVOURITE TV: Blue Peter and cartoons

MOST DISLIKED ACTIVITIES: Nadia couldn’t think of anything

WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING FORWARD TO: “ I would like more gerbils, I only have one called Posh.”

What Nadia’s current foster carers say

Nadia has no real understanding of what is happening to her at the moment. We have to keep telling her that her Gran will never be able to look after her again. It sounds cruel but if you don’t keep saying this Nadia starts believing that her Gran is going to arrive to take her home any minute.

Her school is very positive about her and she seems to be very well liked there.

Nadia is a very loving child with a lot to give and we feel that she has a lot of potential too.