For Social Work Staff

The adoption and Fostering Information Line is now the most visited web site on adoption and fostering in the UK. Our visitors enjoy the content of the web site and are able to read and gather a lot of very useful information. Many stay for quite substantial amounts of time finding out about adoption and the organisations they can contact to further their interest.

If the organisation you work for does not have a detailed listing on this web site they are missing a golden opportunity to recruit more foster carers and adopters. One organisation who signed up wrote six weeks later ‘we are very impressed with the response we have had so far’ and ‘although it is very early days with these referrals quite a number of them look very promising’. Can you say the same for your current recruitment initiatives?

Below is a survey of 600 first time visitors to our web site. As you can see the average length of their first visit is over 4 minutes. As page download times on our dedicated server tend to be quick this means that they have on average accessed around 8 pages of information on their first visit. Over 30% will visit our web site on at least two more occasions and those that do return tend to spend even longer periods of time finding out about adoption.

This section of our web site is intended to inform social work staff how they can take advantage of this service. It is all about all the services we provide to organisations working in this field. Social workers and managers who work every day with the pressures that resource shortfalls create often appreciate the assistance which we can provide regarding foster carer and adopter recruitment for their organisations. If you have any doubts that this service will work for you just speak to organisations like NCH, Kent, Essex or Surrey County Council. The London Boroughs of Redbridge, Camden, Haringey or Hackney. Parents and Children Together or the Manchester Adoption Service. They will leave you in no doubt about the effectiveness of our services.

Our database entry and other packages are designed to ensure that anyone living in the UK can find out about your organisation and how to go about making contact with you with the minimum of difficulty. These services allow people to express their interest whilst they are on-line without even the need to make a phone call. One big advantage is that they can do this at any time of day or night. Subscribing organisations gain a much bigger response from our visitors.